Tips for Eliminating Fruit Flies from your Bathroom

Fruit flies have always been a sworn enemy of Bathroom cleaning. Unfortunately, in some cases, these annoying insects do not seem to want to leave the environment even once the rotten fruit has been eliminated, and all the dirty surfaces have been cleaned. The disinfestation of these annoying insects can prove to be a little more complicated and demanding than expected. Still, it is not impossible: follow three simple instructions daily that will simplify the fight against fruit flies.

Eliminating Fruit Flies from your Bathroom
Eliminating Fruit Flies from your Bathroom

Fruit Flies: Where Do They Come Grom?

The first rule is to eliminate everything that favours their proliferation. It may seem obvious, but flies and insects settle in an environment that is favourable to them, which is certainly not clean; that’s why the first rule to combat these unwanted guests is to prevent their onset. What Should I do? Here are some simple examples.

  • Throw away fruit that has become too ripe immediately, or try to consume it promptly. The most favourable situation ever for fruit flies is, in fact, a basket of rotten fruit.
  • If you have a wet bucket positioned inside the house, when the fruit is unloaded inside it, it will be necessary to throw it in the appropriate outdoor bins immediately. If this is not possible, try to close the bag while waiting to unload it hermetically.
  • Never leave dirty dishes inside the sink: for the laziest people this may seem an impossible task, but midges love food residues that get encrusted on the surface of the words, so it is essential not to leave them lying around to prevent birth.
  • Remember that not only fruit is at risk, but any food! Check especially potatoes and onions, foods that tend to be bought in large quantities and which are more likely to go wrong.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

If unfortunately the midges have started living and laying eggs in your Bathroom, you need to try to eliminate them. When insects have settled on dirty dishes or spoiled food, it is not yet time to despair. Some home remedies can be very useful in fighting fruit flies.

  • The first remedy of all is basil: this plant seems to be particularly unwelcome to insects that fly over rotting food. Seeing is believing, place a small basil plant in the environment of the insect enemies, to be able to see that their number will drop drastically in no time.
  • Other odours particularly unpleasant to these insects are that of lavender and lemon. To try an alternative to the basil plant, it is possible to create a fragrance to be sprayed in the environment with a few drops of essential oil and a little hot water: a very fragrant solution that, in addition to driving away from the midges, will leave a pleasant aroma in the environment.
  • For the most stubborn insects, it is possible to resort to a real do-it-yourself ‘trap’. Put some wine in a container or glass (you can also use vinegar or fruit smoothies), then line the surface with adhesive tape and pierce it with a fork or knife: it will be a perfect trap to attract fruit flies that once placed on the sticky surface they will have no way to free themselves.

Get Rid of Fruit Fly Eggs

The last move is to eliminate their eggs. To get rid of the problem permanently, you need to make sure that the eggs left by the fruit flies are destroyed, to avoid the birth of new unwanted guests in the house. Even when all the adults have been killed, it must be remembered that they may have laid eggs that could hatch after days, making all the work done to stop the parents useless.

  • Humid environments are preferred by insects to lay their eggs. The sink could be the place most at risk: it will undoubtedly need to be washed and disinfected; to be sure you have averted any threats, disinfect the drain pipes by throwing plenty of baking soda followed by half a bottle of vinegar, the two ingredients will remove the eggs and also all the dirt that accumulates along the drains.
  • Lastly, simple but effective advice: throw away all the sponges and rags on which a proliferation of insects would be possible. These products are very often left to dry near the sinks, one of the favourite places of fruit flies.

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